AAABG 2023 Animal Breeding at the Crossroads

Proceedings of the AAABG 23rd Conference

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Preliminary pages
AAABG and President's Message i
Conference Sponsors vi
AAABG Rules vii
AAABG Fellows and Honorary members ix
Helen Newton Turner Medal x
Table of Contents xii
Plenary 1
Investments in breeding technologies and organization to meet global needs 1
J.A.M. van Arendonk, M.C.A.M Bink, K. Peeters, B. Visser, N. Duijvesteijn and P. van As
Improved rate of targeted gene knock-in of in-vitro fertilized bovine embryos 7
J.R. Owen, S.L. Hennig, E.E. Paulson, J.L. Lin, P.J. Ross and A.L. Van Eenennaam
Integration of functional genomics and phenomics into genomic prediction raises its accuracy in sheep and dairy cattle 11
H.D. Daetwyler, R. Xiang, Z. Yuan, S. Bolormaa, C.J. Vander Jagt, B.J. Hayes, J.H.J van der Werf, J.E. Pryce, A.J. Chamberlain, I.M. MacLeod and M.E. Goddard
Computational and Statistical 1
More genotypes than markers: the SS-T-BLUP model in action. An application study in multi-trait Australian Angus BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation 15
V. Boerner and D.J. Johnston
Simple example to demonstrate the effect of allele frequencies on the genomic relationship matrix values 19
M.H. Ferdosi, N.K. Connors, V. Boerner and D.J. Johnston
Deep learning for genotype quality control 23
D.P. Garrick
‘Meta-founders’ to model base populations in genomic evaluation for multi-breed sheep data 27
K. Meyer and A.A. Swan
Using random Forest to identify SNPS that decrease accuracy of genomic prediction – behaviour of snps with negative vim values 31
Y. Li, F.S.S. Raidan, M. Naval Sanchez, A.W. George and A. Reverter
Breeding Objectives
Importance of heat stress adaptation for New Zealand dairy cattle 35
S. Harburg, P.R. Amer, J. Duckles, G.M. Jenkins and J. Sise
Genotype by environment interaction for heat tolerance in Australian Holstein dairy cattle 39
E.K. Cheruiyot, M. Haile-Mariam, T.T.T. Nguyen, B.G. Cocks and J.E. Pryce
Novel selection criteria will be required for reduction of New Zealand’s national greenhouse gas emissions inventory through dairy genetics 43
X. Zhang, G.M. Jenkins, J.A. Sise, B. Santos, C. Quinton and P.R. Amer
Experiences with non-linear economic values in selection index design 47
C.D. Quinton, P.R. Amer, T.J. Byrne, J.A. Archer, B. Santos and F. Hely
Current progress on developing a selection index for Australian meat goats 51
M.N. Aldridge, W.S. Pitchford and D.J. Brown
Industry consultation survey for the American Angus $value indexes review 55
B. Santos, J.A. Archer, D. Martin-Collado, C.D. Quinton, J. Crowley, P.R. Amer and S.P. Miller
Gene Editing and Novel Genes
Comparison of gene editing versus conventional breeding to introgress the polled allele into the tropically adapted Australian beef cattle population 59
M.L. Mueller, J.B. Cole, N.K. Connors, D.J. Johnston, I.A.S. Randhawa and A.L. Van Eenennaam
Pre- and post-puberty co-expression gene networks from RNA-sequencing of Brahman heifers 63
L.T. Nguyen, A. Reverter, A. Cánovas, L.R. Porto-Neto, B. Venus, A. Islas-Trejo, S.A. Lehnert, J.F. Medrano, Milton G. Thomas, S.S. Moore and M.R.S. Fortes
Genetically engineered and Genome edited large animal models for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses – a review 67
I. Tammen, C.G. Grupen, C.L. Pollard, N. Morey and F. Delerue
Genomic prediction in a numerically small sheep breed population using imputed sequence variants 71
N. Moghaddar, D.J. Brown, A.A. Swan, I.M. MacLeod and J.H.J. van der Werf
Beef 1
Genetic diversity in Australian Angus beef cattle 75
S.A. Clark, T. Granleese and P.F. Parnell
Validation of single step genomic best linear unbiased prediction in beef cattle 79
M.G. Jeyaruban, P.M. Gurman, D.J. Johnston, A.A. Swan, R.G. Banks and C.J. Girard
Feasibility of using imaging carcass traits in genetic evaluation for Australian Wagyu beef cattle 83
Y.D. Zhang and R.G. Banks
GBLUP analysis predicted fertility phenotypes of crossbred bulls using data from Brahman and tropical composite 87
L.R. Porto Neto, M.R.S. Fortes and A. Reverter
Genetics of heifer age at puberty in Australian Hereford cattle 91
M.L. Wolcott, R.G. Banks, M. Tweedie and G. Alder
How does maternal weaning weight (milk) affect body condition score at weaning in Angus cattle 95
T. Granleese and S.A. Clark
Contributions from genetic groups and outcrossing to components of reproduction in maternal sheep breeds 99
K.L. Bunter, A.A. Swan and D.J. Brown
Graphical modelling of the relationship between body reserves and yearling reproduction in maternal sheep 103
S.F. Walkom, K.L. Bunter, A.A. Swan and S.A Clark
Genetic parameters for growth traits in Hampshire sheep in Mexico 107
L. De la Cruz, S.F. Walkom, H.G. Torres and A.A. Swan
The inheritance of flight distance as a maternal behaviour score of the dam and its impact on lamb survival 111
J.C. Greeff, A.C. Schlink, D. Blache and G.B. Martin
Genetic evaluation and relationship across ages for dag score in maternal sheep 115
A.J. McMillan, S.F. Walkom and D.J. Brown
Growth, carcass and meat quality traits of dormer and South African mutton Merino lambs 119
A. Muller, T.S. Brand, J.J.E. Cloete and S.W.P. Cloete
Breeding values of the 1000-Bull-Genome cattle estimated by dairy pleiotropic variants 123
R. Xiang and M.E. Goddard
Genetic parameters of first lactation milk yield under low, medium and high production systems in Kenya, using test-day random regression model 127
P.K. Wahinya, T.M. Magothe, A.A. Swan and M.G. Jeyaruban
Genetic correlation between milk urea and efficiency of crude protein utilization estimated from a random regression model 131
H.B.P.C. Ariyarathne, M. Correa-Luna, H.T. Blair, D.J. Garrick and N. Lopez-Villalobos
Genetic parameters for milk yield, milk electrical conductivity and milk flow rate in first-lactation Jersey cows in Sri Lanka 135
A.M. Samaraweera, V. Boerner, S. Disnaka, J.H.J. van der Werf and S. Hermesch
Effects of selection for fertility on milk production traits 139
E.M. Strucken, G.A. Brockmann and Y.C.S.M. Laurenson
Age at culling and reasons of culling in Australian dairy cows 143
Z.W. Workie, J.P. Gibson and J.H.J. van der Werf
Pigs and Poultry
Late gestation health status is correlated with lactation outcomes for sows 147
L. Vargovic, K.L. Bunter, S. Hermesch, J. Harper and R. Sokolinski
Post-farrowing health status of sows and piglets is correlated with lactation outcomes of sows 151
L. Vargovic, K.L. Bunter, S. Hermesch, R. Sokolinski and J. Harper
Genotype by temperature grouping interaction for farrowing rate at first insemination 155
A.M.G. Bunz, K.L. Bunter, R. Morrison, B.G. Luxford and S. Hermesch
Genetic parameter estimates for pre- and post-weaning piglet mortality 159
J. Harper, K.L. Bunter and S. Hermesch
Genetic associations between early and late growth with sexual maturity in Thai native chickens 163
S. Tongsiri, M.G. Jeyaruban, J.H.J. van der Werf, L. Li, S. Hermesch and T. Chormai
Genetic analyses of sow longevity traits, age at first farrowing and first-litter characteristics 167
N. Kerssen, B.J. Ducro and S. Hermesch
Native Breeds and Challenging Environments
Integrating gender considerations into livestock genetic improvement programs in low to middle income countries 171
K. Marshall, N. de Haan and A. Galiè
Perceptions of women and men smallholder pig keepers in Uganda on pig keeping objectives, and breed and trait preferences 175
B.M. Babigumira, E. Ouma, J. Sölkner and K. Marshall
Genetic structure and differentiation among African Bos taurus cattle breeds 179
N.Z. Gebrehiwot, E.M. Strucken, H. Aliloo, K. Marshall and J.P. Gibson
Analysis of growth of two major breeds of domestic camel in Pakistan: implications for breed improvement 183
S. Sabahat, M.S. Khatkar, A. Nadeem and P.C. Thomson
Genetic characterization of Indian indigenous cattle breeds 187
E.M. Strucken, M. Swaminathan, S. Joshi and J.P. Gibson
Morphometric differentiation of selected indigenous cattle breeds in Nigeria 191
A.D. Oladepo, A.E. Salako, A.A. Adeoye and O.A. Adeniyi
Plenary 2
Developing genomic strategies for the livestock industries: all implementations are challenging 195
D.A.L. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda and I. Misztal
The accuracy obtained from reference populations for genomic selection 206
J.H.J. van der Werf, S.A. Clark, S.H. Lee and N. Moghaddar
Increase of power and efficiency to fine-map genetic defects using genotype probabilities through segregation analyses 210
N. Duijvesteijn, S.A. Clark, B.P. Kinghorn and J.H.J. van der Werf
Breeding Program Design
Progeny of Anderson rams selected for resistance to internal parasites in Australia are comparable in other traits to that from Talitas rams selected in Uruguay 214
A. Sánchez, F. De Brum, E. van Lier, A. Burton, J. Paperán, W. Bell and R. Ponzoni
Investigating novel traits in single trait selection for their potential in selection indexes for feed efficiency of crossbred pigs 218
M.N. Aldridge, R. Bergsma and M.P.L. Calus
Genomic relationships to control inbreeding in optimum-contribution selection realise more genetic gain than pedigree relationships when inbreeding control is relaxed around quantitative trait loci 222
M. Henryon, P. Berg, H. Liu, G. Su, T. Ostersen and A.C. Sørensen
Fine control of bull allocation to help avoid dystocia 226
B.P. Kinghorn and A.L. Van Eenennaam
Wether trials and their role in Merino bloodline evaluation 230
K.L. Egerton-Warburton, K.D. Atkins, L.M. Stephen and S.I. Mortimer
Genotype by environment interaction in Australian maternal and terminal sheep 234
L. Li, A.A. Swan, D.J. Brown and J.H.J. van der Werf
Computational and Statistical 2
Simulating genotypic merit with high-order epistatic interactions 238
A.B. Kinghorn and B.P. Kinghorn
Impact of an approximate inverse of the genomic relationship matrix for single-step evaluation of Australian meat sheep 242
K. Meyer and A.A. Swan
An evaluation of ‘deflation’ to improve convergence rates for single-step genomic evaluation with the hybrid model 246
K. Meyer and A.A. Swan
Alternative implementations of preconditioned conjugate gradient algorithms for solving mixed model equations 250
D.J. Garrick, B.L. Golden and D.P. Garrick
Adjusting the genomic relationship matrix for breed differences in single step genomic blup analyses 254
P.M. Gurman, K.L. Bunter, V. Boerner, A.A. Swan and D.J. Brown
Detection of Causal Variants
Genetic control of fertility traits across species: variance in tropical beef heifers’ age at puberty explained by genes controlling age at menarche in women 258
R. Costilla, C. Warburton and B.J. Hayes
Signatures of selection in admixed dairy cattle of Kenya 262
H. Aliloo, R. Mrode, A.M. Okeyo and J.P. Gibson
Genome-wide association study of carcase and eating quality traits in Australian Angus beef cattle 266
W.M.S.P. Weerasinghe, B.J. Crook, S.A. Clark, N. Moghaddar and A.I. Byrne
Molecular investigation of several emerging inherited diseases in cattle and sheep 270
S.A. Woolley, E.R. Tsimnadis, R.L. Tulloch, P. Hughes, B. Hopkins, S.E. Hayes, M.R. Shariflou, A. Bauer, I.M. Häfliger, V. Jagannathan, C. Drögemüller, T. Leeb, M.S. Khatkar, C.E. Willet, B.A. O’Rourke and I. Tammen
The population genomic signature of environmental selection in chickens from Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe 274
K. Hadebe, E.F. Dzomba and F.C. Muchadeyi
Genomic Selection 1
Assessment of genomic prediction accuracy for meat quality traits in Hanwoo cattle 278
M. Bedhane, J.H.J. van der Werf, M. Al Kalaldeh, D. Lim, B. Park, M.N. Park, R.S. Hee and S.A. Clark
Genomic predictions for fertility traits in tropical beef cattle from a multi-breed, crossbred and composite reference population 282
B.J. Hayes, G. Fordyce and S. Landmark
Selection of reference candidates for whole genome sequencing in an Australian Wagyu population 286
R.A. McEwin, M.L. Hebart, H. Oakey, R.G. Tearle, J. Grose, G.I. Popplewell and W.S. Pitchford
The accuracy of genotype imputation in selected South African sheep breeds from Australian reference panels 290
C.L. Nel, K. Gore, A.A. Swan, S.W.P Cloete, J.H.J. van der Werf and K. Dzama
Application of genomic selection to Vietnamese household dairy herds 294
N.N. Bang, B.J. Hayes, I.A.S. Randhawa, R.E. Lyons, J.B. Gaughan, N.V. Chanh, N.X. Trach, N.D. Khang and D.M. McNeill
Genomic tools for use in the New Zealand deer industry 298
K.G. Dodds, S-A.N. Newman, S.M. Clarke, R. Brauning, A.S. Hess, T.P. Bilton, J.F. Ward, A.J. Chappell, J.C. McEwan, T.C. Van Stijn, M. Bates and S.J. Rowe
Efficiency and Product Quality
GWAS for methane yield, residual feed intake and liveweight in New Zealand sheep 302
M.K. Hess, P.L. Johnson, K. Knowler, S.M. Hickey, A.S. Hess, J.C. McEwan and S.J. Rowe
Selection for divergent methane yield in New Zealand sheep – a ten-year perspective 306
S.J. Rowe, S.M. Hickey, A. Jonker, M.K. Hess, P Janssen, T. Johnson, B. Bryson, K. Knowler, C. Pinares-Patino, W. Bain, S. Elmes, E. Young, J. Wing, E. Waller, N. Pickering and J.C. McEwan
Visual marble score as a predictor of intramuscular fat for the genetic improvement of eating quality in lamb 310
S.Z.Y. Guy, P. McGilchrist and D.J. Brown
The genetic relationships between intramuscular fat measured in four different lamb muscles 314
S.Z.Y. Guy, S.F. Walkom, F. Anderson, G.E. Gardner, P. McGilchrist and D.J. Brown
Genetic parameters for primal cut weights in pigs 318
N.R. Sarker, B.J. Walmsley and S. Hermesch
Investigating relationship between traits associated with eating quality and market end point 322
S.J. Lee, M.L. Hebart and W.S. Pitchford
Health, Welfare and Immunity
The heritability of congenital entropion in dual-purpose New Zealand sheep 326
K.M. McRae, S.M. Clarke, K.G. Dodds, S.J. Rowe, S-A. Newman, H.J. Baird and J.C. McEwan
correcting sampling bias in microsatellite marker testing for polledness 330
N.K. Connors, R.G. Banks and D.J. Johnston
Genetic analysis of tail-biting victims in pigs 334
S. Hermesch and S.Z.Y. Guy
Genomic prediction of metabolic profiles in dairy cows 338
T.D.W. Luke, T.T.T. Nguyen, S. Rochfort, W.J. Wales, C. Richardson, M. Abdelsayed and J.E. Pryce
Poll testing efficiency, accuracy and trends in Australian cattle 342
I.A.S. Randhawa, M.R. McGowan, L.R. Porto-Neto, B.J. Hayes, K.M. Schutt and R.E. Lyons
Determining the gene expression profiles of 17 candidate genes for host resistance to ticks in South African beef cattle 346
B. Dube, K.J. Marima, C.M. Marufu, F. Muchadeyi, N.O. Mapholi, N.N. Jonsson, K. Dzama and C.L. Nel
Beef 2
Production and polledness: genetic correlations between target traits in beef cattle 350
I.A.S. Randhawa, L.R. Porto-Neto, M.R. McGowan, B.J. Hayes, K.M. Schutt and R.E. Lyons
Genetic correlations between days to calving and other male and female reproduction traits in Brahman cattle 354
D.J. Johnston and K.L. Moore
Genome‐wide association studies for body weight and average daily feed intake during the feedlot test period 358
J.A. Torres-Vázquez, J.H.J. van der Werf and S.A. Clark
Coefficient of variation as a measure of general resilience for yearling weight in Nellore cattle 362
D.C.B. Scalez, A. Reverter, B.O. Fragomeni, L.R. Porto-Neto, L.H.S. Iung, L.G. Albuquerque and R. Carvalheiro
Increases in accuracy of female reproduction genetic evaluations for beef breeds in northern Australia 366
K.L. Moore, C.J. Girard, T.P. Grant and D.J. Johnston
Genomic Selection 2
Sharing multibreed cow data with New Zealand to improve prediction for Australian crossbreed cows for milk yield traits 370
M. Haile-Mariam, I.M. MacLeod, M. Khansefid, C. Schrooten, E. O’Connor, G. de Jong, H.D. Daetwyler and J. E. Pryce
Assessing the value of whole genome sequence data in selecting for age at puberty in tropically adapted beef heifers 374
C. Warburton and B.J. Hayes
Increasing the accuracy of genomic prediction in crossbred dairy cattle 378
M. Khansefid, M.E. Goddard, M. Haile-Mariam, C. Schrooten, G. de Jong, E. O’Connor, J.E. Pryce, H.D. Daetwyler and I.M. MacLeod
Genotype panel requirements for inclusion into BREEDPLAN single step evaluations 382
N.K. Connors and M.H. Ferdosi
Finding the optimal reference population for genomic prediction of Australian red dairy cattle 386
I. van den Berg, I.M. MacLeod and J.E. Pryce
Novel Phenotypes and Other Industries
Applying next generation phenotyping strategies for genetic gain in dairy cattle 390
J.E. Pryce, T.T.T. Nguyen, P.N. Ho, T.D.W. Luke, S. Rochfort, W.J. Wales, P. Moate, L.C. Marett, G. Nieuwhof, M. Abdelsayed, M. Axford, M. Shaffer and M. Haile-Mariam
The genetic analysis of adult bird performance together with slaughter traits in ostriches 394
S.W.P. Cloete, A. Engelbrecht, A.R. Gilmour, M.F. Schou, Z. Brand and C.K. Cornwallis
Trait development for Apis mellifera in commercial beekeeping in New Zealand 398
G.E.L. Petersen, P.F. Fennessy and P.K. Dearden
A method for developing a breeding objective trait from multiple components using the example of immune competence in Australian Angus cattle 402
S. Dominik, L. Porto-Neto, C.J. Duff, A.I. Byrne, B. Hine, A. Ingham, I.G. Colditz and A. Reverter
Selective breeding for improved survival to juvenile pearl oyster mortality syndrome in silver lipped pearl oyster, Pinctada maxima 406
C. Massault, K. Zenger, J.M. Strugnell, J. Knauer, G. Firman, R. Barnard and D.R. Jerry
Plenary 3
Sequencing strategy, imputation and genomic prediction in a large pig sequencing study 410
R. Ros-Freixedes, A. Whalen A. Somavilla, S. Gonen, M. Battagin, M. Johnsson, G. Gorjanc, C.Y. Chen, W.O. Herring, A.J. Mileham and J.M. Hickey
Genomic prediction and candidate gene discovery for dairy cattle temperament using sequence data and functional biology 416
I.M. MacLeod, P.J. Bowman, A.J. Chamberlain, C.J. Vander Jagt, H.D. Daetwyler, B.J. Hayes and M.E. Goddard
Gene network analysis for marbling development using gene expression (RNA-seq) in Hanwoo 420
S. de las Heras-Saldana, D. Lim, S.H. Lee and J.H.J. van der Werf
Exploring the regulatory potential of long non-coding RNA in bovine feed efficiency through coexpression in liver and muscle 424
P.A. Alexandre, A. Reverter, L.R. Porto-Neto, R.B. Berezin, J.B.S. Ferraz and H. Fukumasu
Genetic improvement of pasture intake and efficiency in beef cattle: are we there yet? 428
P.F. Arthur, R.M. Herd, P.L. Greenwood, K.A. Donoghue and T. Bird-Gardiner
The effect of including stature in sire selection on the live weight, milk yield, fertility and feed efficiency of Holstein cows 432
C.J.C. Muller, S.W.P. Cloete and M. Burger
Genetic parameters of milk lactation curve traits of Thai dairy cattle 436
S. Pangmao, P.C. Thomson and M.S. Khatkar
Genetic variation and estimating breeding values for smallholder crossbred dairy cattle in India 440
M. Al kalaldeh, Y. Gaundare, M. Swaminathan, S. Joshi, H. Aliloo, E.M. Strucken, V. Ducrocq and J.P. Gibson
Mitochondrial gene expression is associated with organ and tissue metabolism in dairy cattle 444
J. Dorji, I.M. MacLeod, C.J. Vander Jagt, A.J. Chamberlain and H.D. Daetwyler
Accuracy of genomic predictions for milk production traits in Philippine dairy buffaloes 448
J.R.V. Herrera, E.B. Flores, N. Duijvesteijn, N. Moghaddar and J.H.J. van der Werf
Medium density beadchip genotype data reveals genomic structure of South African Merino-based breeds 452
E.F. Dzomba and F.C. Muchadeyi
Evaluation of body morphology and shape of black tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) by morphometric analysis 456
M.M. Hasan, N.M. Wade, C. Bajema, P.T. Thomson, D.R. Jerry, H.W. Raadsma and M.S. Khatkar
Genotype x environment interaction in shrimp breeding: a review and perspectives 460
M.M. Hasan, P.C. Thomson, H.W. Raadsma and M.S. Khatkar
Bioeconomic modelling of Australian black tiger prawn Penaeus monodon under intensive pond culture 464
M.C. Marín-Riffo, H.W. Raadsma, D.R. Jerry, G.J. Coman and M.S. Khatkar
Economic weighing of traits in a preliminary selection index for ostriches in South Africa 468
A. Engelbrecht, S.W.P. Cloete and P.R. Amer
Discovery of signatures of selection in beef and dairy cattle using ultra high-density SNP genotypes 472
I.A.S. Randhawa, M.S. Khatkar, P.C. Thomson, R.D. Schnabel, J.F. Taylor and H.W. Raadsma
Comparing the carbon dioxide and methane emissions of Holstein and Jersey cows in a kikuyu pasture-based system 476
N.M. Bangani, K. Dzama, C.J.C. Muller, F.V. Nherera-Chokuda and C.W. Cruywagen
Investigation into the effects of number of SNPs and number of reference individuals on imputation accuracy 480
M.H. Ferdosi and N.K. Connors
Factors affecting development of horns and scurs in domestic ruminants 484
I.A.S. Randhawa, R.E. Lyons, B.J. Hayes, L.R. Porto-Neto and M.R. McGowan
John Vercoe Memorial Lecture
Levels of performance recording in the Australian beef industry 488
B.W. Gudex and C.A. Millen
Breeders Days Beef 1
The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program – a major contributor to future genetic improvement in the Australian beef industry 492
P.F. Parnell, C.J. Duff, A.I. Byrne and N.M. Butcher
Should Angus breeders live-animal ultrasound scan for intramuscular fat in the genomics era? 496
C.J. Duff, J.H.J. van der Werf, P.F. Parnell and S.A. Clark
Bull discovery powered by genomics – a practical case study 500
M.J. Reynolds, A.I. Byrne, C.J. Duff and P.F. Parnell
Benefits of genomic information in the Angus industry – the Rennylea experience 504
S. Dominik, L.R. Porto-Neto, A. Reverter and L. Corrigan
A survey approach to explore industry priorities for novel traits in Australian Angus 508
A.M. Bell, A.I. Byrne, C.J. Duff and S. Dominik
Breeders Days Sheep 1
Design and purpose of the Merino Lifetime Productivity Project 512
A.M.M. Ramsay, A.A. Swan and B.C. Swain
Merino Lifetime Productivity - economic value of meat and wool from wethers at yearling and adult age 516
B.E. Clarke, J.M. Young, S. Hancock and A.N. Thompson
Accounting for ewe source effects in genetic evaluation of Merino fleece traits 520
K.L. Egerton-Warburton, S.I. Mortimer and A.A. Swan
Indicator traits recorded early in life will be useful selection criteria for breech flystrike resistance in weaner Merino sheep 524
J.L. Smith, S. Dominik, S. Lehnert, A. Reverter and I.W. Purvis
Breeding for reduced breech flystrike as part of multi-trait selection 528
F.D. Brien, S.F. Walkom, A.A. Swan and D.J. Brown
Breeders Days Beef 2
Demonstrating BREEDPLAN estimated breeding values in New Zealand commercial beef herds 532
M. Tweedie, J.A. Archer and L. Proctor
Two years in: lessons from the introduction of Hereford single-step BREEDPLAN 536
C.A. Millen and B.J. Crook
Pedigromics: a network-inspired approach to visualise and analyse pedigree structures 540
A. Reverter, S. Dominik, J.B.S. Ferraz, L. Corrigan and L.R. Porto-Neto
Genetics of female fertility in Wagyu cattle using field data 544
K. Reid, G. Moser and M. Kelly
Popplewell composites: adding value to our customers’ tropical beef supply chains through genomic evaluation and selection 548
G.I. Popplewell, R.G. Tearle, R.A. McEwin, M.L. Facy and W.S. Pitchford
Breeders Days Sheep 2
Merinolink/UNE DNA stimulation project: Doubling the rate of genetic gain - where are we at in year 2? 552
S.J. Martin and T. Granleese
Australia you have footrot, time to start breeding against it! 556
S.F. Walkom, K.L. Bunter, H. Raadsma, D.J. Brown and M.B. Ferguson
Evolution of genetic evaluation for ewe reproductive performance 560
K.L. Bunter, A.A. Swan, P.M. Gurman, V. Boerner, A.J. McMillan and D.J. Brown
Breeders Days Adoption
The influence feed cost has on changing beef cattle greenhouse gas emissions 564
B.J. Walmsley, A.L. Henzell and S.A. Barwick
Costs of and returns from performance recording in beef and sheep studs 568
R.G. Banks, Yue Zhang, Y. Zhang and J. Shovelton
Impact of key messages on accuracy of sheep breeding programs 572
L.M. Stephen and D.J. Brown
Farmer app adoption is influenced by age, use of advisors and farmer networks 576
P.J. Schulz, J. Prior, L. Kahn and G. Hinch
AngusSELECT™ 580
M.J. Reynolds, A.I. Byrne, C.J. Duff and P.F. Parnell
Breeders Days Value Chain
Enhanced data capture in Australian red meat supply chains for the genetic improvement of eating quality and carcase yield 584
S.Z.Y. Guy and D.J. Brown
Phenotypic variation in retail beef yield in Angus cattle 588
K.A. Donoghue, L.M. Cafe, B.J. Walmsley and C.J. Duff
DeSireBull, a decision support tool to simplify genetic information for effective use by commercial beef producers 592
L.A. Penrose, M. Suarez and B.J. Walmsley
The livestock phenotype revolution: Enabling a step-change in farm management and scientific discovery 596
C.E.F. Clark, S.C. Garcia, K. Marshall, J.E. Pryce, P.L. Greenwood and S. Lomax