AAABG 2023 Animal Breeding at the Crossroads

Animal Production Science AAABG edition

Animal Production Science

Volume 63  Issues 10 & 11 2023

Special Issue

25th Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics

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Preliminary material iii-xiv
Helen Newton Turner Medallist Oration 2021
Reflections on genetic improvement 925
J.H.J. van der Werf
Defining breeding objectives for sustainability in cattle: challenges and opportunities 931
C.M. Richardson, J.J. Crowley and P.R. Amer
Research Papers
On the value of adding commercial data into the reference population of the Angus SteerSELECT genomic tool 947
A. Reverter, L. Porto-Neto, B.C. Hine, P.A. Alexandre, M. Samaraweera, A.I. Byrne, A.B. Ingham and C.J. Duff
A large proportion of genetic variation in cow and ewe body composition is independent of yearling composition 957
W.S. Pitchford
Temporal trends in estimated breeding values for daughter fertility in Holstein and Jersey cows in the Australian dairy 963
J. Morton
Long-read Pore-C shows the 3D structure of the cattle genome 972
L.T. Nguyen, H. Jung, J. Ma, S. Andersen and E. Ross
Genetic relationships among yearling fertility, body composition andweight traits in tropically adapted composite cattle 983
M.L. Facy, M.L. Hebart, H. Oakey, R.A. McEwin and W.S. Pitchford
The impact of QTL sharing and properties on multi-breed GWAS in cattle: a simulation study 996
I. van den Berg and I.M. MacLeod
A copy number variant near KITLG is associated with the roan pattern in alpacas 1008
I. Shah, N. Gray, D. Groth, S. Brooks and K.A. Munyard
Reaction-norm analysis of neonatal lamb mortality suggests heritability varies with cold-stress: an example in the Elsenburg Merino selection lines 1017
C.L. Nel, Y. Steyn, A.R. Gilmour, D. Waters, S.A. Clark, J.H.J. van derWerf, A.A. Swan, K. Dzama and S.W.P. Cloete
Improving accuracy and stability of genetic predictions for dairy cow survival 1031
M. Khansefid, J.E. Pryce, S. Shahinfar, M. Axford, M.E. Goddard and M. Haile-Mariam
Is there sufficient genetic variation to breed Elsenburg Merino sheep with shorter tails? 1043
M. Teubes, S. W. P. Cloete, K. Dzama and A. J. Scholtz
Identification of six genomic regions associated with pigment intensity in alpacas 1052
N. Gray, I. Shah, D. Groth and K.A. Munyard
Comparative metabolomics analysis shows key metabolites as potential biomarkers for selection of beef fat colour 1063
R. Tian, H. Kharrati-Koopaee, H. Asadollahpour Nanaie, X. Wang, M. Zhao, H. Li, Y. Li, H. Zhang, A. Esmailizadeh and C.D.K. Bottema
Using Australian genomics to predict dairy cattle performance in New Zealand 1068
C. Mckimmie, M. Khansefid and H. Amirpour-Najafabadi
Skim-Nanopore sequencing for routine genomic evaluation and bacterial pathogen detection in cattle 1074
H.J. Lamb, L.T. Nguyen, T.E. Briody, R.K. Ambrose, B.J. Hayes, T.J. Mahony and E.M. Ross
Approximating prediction error variances and accuracies of estimated breeding values from a SNP–BLUP model for genotyped individuals 1086
L. Li, P.M. Gurman, A.A. Swan and B. Tier
Application of machine-learning algorithms to predict calving difficulty in Holstein dairy cattle 1095
M. Avizheh, M. Dadpasand, E. Dehnavi and H. Keshavarzi
An investigation into potential genetic predictors of birth weight in tropically adapted beef cattle in northern Australia 1105
K.L. Moore, D.J. Johnston and T.P. Grant
Use of dry-matter intake recorded at multiple time periods during lactation increases the accuracy of genomic prediction for dry-matter intake and residual feed intake in dairy cattle 1113
S. Bolormaa, M. Haile-Mariam, L.C. Marett, F. Miglior, C.F. Baes, F.S. Schenkel, E.E. Connor, C.I.V. Manzanilla-Pech, E. Wall, M.P. Coffey, M.E. Goddard, I.M. MacLeod and J.E. Pryce
The Sustainability Index: a new tool to breed for reduced greenhouse-gas emissions intensity in Australian dairy cattle 1126
T.T.T. Nguyen, C.M. Richardson, M. Post, P.R. Amer, G.J. Nieuwhof, P. Thurn and M. Shaffer
SNP associations and genetic-parameter estimation for nose and hoof pigmentation in Corriedale sheep 1136
J.E. Aldersey, M.S. Khatkar, P.J. Blackwood, C.E. Blackwood, J.M. Pitchford, H. Gordon, S.C. Welsh and W.S. Pitchford
The genetic and phenotypic associations between lamb survival outcomes and other traits recorded at lambing 1148
K.L. Bunter, D.J. Brown, P.M. Gurman, L. Li and A.A. Swan