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AAABG Fellows and Honorary Members


"Persons who have rendered eminent service to animal breeding in Australia and/or New Zealand or elsewhere in the world, may be elected to Fellowship of the Association."          click to open ciations

Elected February 1990 Elected September 1992 Elected July 1995
R.B.M. Dun K. Hammond C.H.S. Dolling 
F.H.W. Morley J.R. Hawker
A.L. Rae J. Litchfield
H.N. Turner
Elected April 1997 Elected July 1999 Elected July 2001
J.S.F. Barker J. Gough J.N. Clarke
R.E. Freer  J.W. James A.R. Gilmour
L.R. Piper
Elected September 2005 Elected September 2007 Elected September 2009
B.M. Bindon K.D. Atkins   N.M. Fogarty
M.E. Goddard R.G. Banks   A.R. Fyfe
H.-U. Graser G.H. Davis   J.C. McEwan
F.W. Nicholas R. Mortimer
R.W. Ponzoni
Elected September 2011 Elected September 2013 Elected September 2015
B.P. Kinghorn   H. Burrow P. Arthur
A. McDonald   P. Fennessy D. Johnson
G. Nicoll  K. Meyer
P. Parnell B. Tier
R. Woolaston
Elected October 2019 Elected November 2021 Elected July 2023
S.A. Barwick F.D. Brien K.G. Dodds
H.T. Blair D. Garrick W.S. Pitchford
S.W.P. Cloete J. Greeff H.W. Raadsma
I.W. Purvis B. Hayes C.W. (Bill) Sandilands
J.E. Pryce A.A. Swan
J.H.J. van der Werf

Honorary Members

"Members who have rendered eminent service to the Association may be elected to Honorary Membership"

Elected September 2009
W.A. Pattie
J.R.W. Walkley

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