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AAABG Conference Proceedings from vol. 1 (1979) to vol. 21 (2015) comprising 2489 papers are now available on this web site. All the papers have been indexed for searching by words in their titles, author lists and years of conference. The search engine operates in a similar way to those used for internet searches.

List of volumes and years
v 1: 1979 v 2: 1981 v 3: 1982 v 4: 1984 v 5: 1985 v 6: 1987 v 7: 1988 v 8: 1990
v 9: 1991 v10: 1992 v11: 1995 v12: 1997 v13: 1999 v14: 2001 v15: 2003 v16: 2005
v17: 2007 v18: 2009 v19: 2011 v20: 2013 v21: 2015 v22: 2017

For searches where specific volumes are required, it is important to know that the name of the Association was changed after the 1995 (vol. 11) conference. From its inauguration in 1979 the name of the Association and hence the proceedings was "Australian Association of Animal Breeding and Genetics". In 1996 the name of the Association was changed to "Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics" so from vol. 12 onward the proceedings have this name.

AAABG Conference Proceedings through Livestock Library

The complete AAABG Conference Proceedings are also available on-line through "Livestock Library". The papers are indexed for searching together with other journals and conference proceedings that are part of the Livestock Library. Access the Livestock Library by clicking its logo at left.