Proceedings of the 18th Conference

Barossa Valley, South Australia

28 September - 1 October 2009

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Helen Newton Turner Medal xvi
Helen Newton Turner Medal Oration 2007 xvii
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Imprinted genes in man and mouse are model systems in comparative epigenomics 1
Martina Paulsen  
Animal Genetics
The influence of animal breeding on The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin 7
O. Mayo 
Charles Darwin in Australia: his zoological observations 11
F.W. Nicholas 
The genetics of sexual dimorphism in sheep14
B.W. Gudex, C. Gondro, K. Marshall and J.H.J. van der Werf 
Sexual dimorphism of genes regulating skeletal muscle growth in Bali cattle18
G.S. Nattrass, Dahlanuddin, D.P. Poppi and S.P. Quigley 
Delivery of genomics to industry
Progress in development and implementation of a strategy for commercialisation of DNA marker technology for the Australian beef industry22
R.G. Banks, H. Burrow and H.-U. Graser 
Genomic selection based on dense genotypes inferred from sparse genotypes26
M.E. Goddard and B.J. Hayes 
Integration of DNA markers into BREEDPLAN EBVS30
D.J. Johnston, B. Tier and H.-U. Graser 
Accuracy of genomic selection: comparing theory and results34
B.J. Hayes, H.D. Daetwyler, P. Bowman, G. Moser, B. Tier, R. Crump, M. Khatkar, H.W. Raadsma and M.E. Goddard 
Potential benefit of genomic selection in sheep38
J.H.J. van der Werf 
Genotype by environment interactions
Genotype x Environment interactions and Merino breeding programmes for wool production42
B.J. McGuirk 
Sire by flock-year interactions for body weight in Poll Dorset sheep48
D.J. Brown, A.A. Swan, D.J. Johnston and H.-U. Graser 
Classifying sheep grazing environments using satellite data to quantify genotype by environment interactions52
M.B. Whelan, D.J. Cottle, K.G. Geenty and D.J. Brown 
Genotype by environment interaction between registered and commercial herds for dairy traits in Australia56
M. Haile-Mariam and M.E. Goddard 
Genotype by environmental interaction for live weight between two production environments in the GIFT strain (Oreochromis niloticus)60
H.L. Khaw, R.W. Ponzoni, A. Hamzah and N. Kamaruzzaman 
Genomic selection
Variability in the distributions of single nucleotide polymorphism effects in livestock populations64
E.J. Smith and J.M. Henshall 
Use of genotype probabilities and selective genotyping for estimation of marker effects68
M.L.A.N.R. Deepani and B.P. Kinghorn 
Phasing of SNP data by combined recursive long range phasing and long range haplotype imputation72
J.M. Hickey, B.P. Kinghorn, B. Tier and J.H.J. van der Werf 
A recursive algorithm for long range phasing of SNP genotypes76
B.P. Kinghorn, J.M. Hickey and J.H.J. van der Werf 
Genomic selection using a fast EM algorithm 2. Analysis of simulated data80
R.K. Shepherd and J.A. Woolliams 
Genomic selection using a fast EM algorithm 1. Understanding the methodology84
R.K. Shepherd, T.H.E. Meuwissen and J.A. Woolliams 
Behaviour and welfare
Mapping the Horns Locus in Sheep88
N. Pickering, T. Johnson, B. Auvray, K.G. Dodds and J.C. McEwan 
Genetic markers for polled condition in cattle - the current status and the future plans92
K.C. Prayaga, M. Mariasegaram, B. Harrison, B. Tier, J.M. Henshall and W. Barendse 
The genetics of temperament traits in Merino sheep96
K.L. Lennon, M.L. Hebart, F.D. Brien and P.I. Hynd 
The role of cytochrome P450 17-alpha-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase (CYP17) in the stress coping ability in a divergently selected Merino sheep population100
D. van der Walt, S.W.P. Cloete, K. Storbeck and P. Swart 
The improvement of lamb survival of Merino sheep as a correlated response to direct selection for rearing ability104
S.W.P. Cloete, I. Misztal and J.J. Olivier 
Genetics of lamb survival: preliminary studies of the Information Nucleus Flock108
F.D. Brien, M.L. Hebart, J.E. Hocking-Edwards, J.C. Greeff, K.W. Hart, G. Refshauge, G. Gaunt, R. Behrend, K. Thomson, G.N. Hinch, K.G. Geenty and J.H.J. van der Werf 
Beef Cattle I
John Edward Vercoe AM FSTE FAIAST 1936 - 2005112
H. Burrow 
Interbreed evaluation of productivity under low and moderate dry matter availabilities113
T.G. Jenkins 
Maternal productivity in industry herds: Preliminary results117
K.A. Donoghue and P.F. Parnell 
Genetic variation in growth, hormonal and seminal traits of young tropically adapted bulls121
N.J. Corbet, B.M. Burns, D.H. Corbet, D.J. Johnston, J.M. Crisp, M.R. McGowan, K.C. Prayaga, B.K. Venus and R.G. Holroyd 
Genome wide association studies for net feed intake, body weight and hip height in beef cattle125
S. Bolormaa and M.E. Goddard 
Validation and estimation of additive genetic variation associated with DNA tests for quantitative beef cattle traits129
A.L. Van Eenennaam, R.M. Thallman, R.L. Quaas, K. Hanford and E.J. Pollak 
Dairy Cattle
Genotype by environment interactions in international genetic evaluations of dairy bulls133
J.H. Jakobsen, J.W. Durr, H. Jorjani, F. Forabosco, A. Loberg and J. Philipsson 
Updated index weights for the Australian Profit Ranking in dairy cattle143
J.E. Pryce, J.H.J. van der Werf, M. Haile-Mariam, B. Malcolm and M.E. Goddard 
Genetic markers for lactation persistency in Australian dairy cows147
J.E. Pryce, M. Haile-Mariam, K. Verbyla, P.J. Bowman, M.E. Goddard and B.J. Hayes 
Genome wide association studies in dairy cattle using high density SNP scans151
H.W. Raadsma, M.S. Khatkar, G. Moser, M. Hobbs, R. Crump, J.A.L. Cavanagh, and B.Tier 
Criteria for selecting and predicting herdlife in dairy cattle155
M. Haile-Mariam and M.E. Goddard 
Beef Cattle ll
The impact of genetic markers for tenderness on steer carcass and feedlot exit and heifer puberty traits in Brahman cattle159
M.L. Wolcott and D.J. Johnston 
Association between Myostatin DNA markers and muscularity in Angus cattle163
B.A. O'Rourke, P.L. Greenwood, P.F. Arthur and M.E. Goddard 
Muscle specific expression of regulatory factors in cattle selected for high and low muscling167
G. Parnell, Y. Chen, G.S. Nattrass and P.L. Greenwood 
Global gene expression profiling of angus cattle selected for low and high net feed intake171
Y. Chen, C. Gondro, K. Quinn, B. Vanselow, P.F. Parnell and R.M. Herd 
Expression of mitochondrial respiratory complex genes in liver tissue of cattle with different feed efficiency phenotypes175
K.J. Kochan, R.N. Vaughn, T.S. Amen, C.A. Abbey, J.O. Sanders, D.K. Lunt, A.D. Herring, J.E. Sawyer, C.A. Gill and P.K. Riggs 
Identification of differentially expressed transcripts in m. longissimus dorsi with divergent marbling phenotypes in Hanwoo (Korean native cattle)179
S.H. Lee, C. Gondro, J.H.J. van der Werf, N.K. Kim, D.J. Lim, Y.H. Shin, J.P. Gibson and J. M. Thompson 
QTL mapping for feed conversion efficiency on porcine chromosome 10 in an Australian commercial population183
Y. Chen, Y. Zhang, I. MacLeod, R. Kerr, K.L. Bunter, B. Hayes, B. Tier, H.-U. Graser, B.G. Luxford, M. Goddard and C. Moran 
A genome-wide association analysis identifying SNPS for PRRS tolerance on a commercial pig farm187
C.R.G. Lewis, M. Torremorell, L. Galina-Pantoja, N. Deeb, M.A. Mellencamp, A.L. Archibald and S.C. Bishop 
Effect of halothane genotype on growth parameters, carcase and meat quality traits in the Pietrain Breed of the French National Pig Breeding Program191
I. Merour, S. Hermesch, S. Schwob and T. Tribout 
Genetic correlations between carcase length, fat and muscle depths and primal cut weights in the French Large White Sire line195
I. Merour, S. Hermesch, R.M. Jones and T. Tribout 
Evaluation of pig flight time, average daily gain and backfat using random effect models including grower group199
R.M. Jones, S. Hermesch and R.E. Crump 
Associations between sow body composition, feed intake during lactation and early piglet growth203
K.L. Bunter, B.G. Luxford, R. Smits and S. Hermesch 
Breeding program design including MAS
Breeding objectives for seasonal production systems: an example from New Zealand venison systems207
J.A. Archer and P.R. Amer 
Trans-Tasman genetic evaluations of sheep212
M.J. Young, S-A.N. Newman, R. Apps, A.J. Ball and D.J. Brown 
Combining estimates of SNP effects when they are subpopulation specific216
P.R. Amer and G.M. Payne 
SNP predictors to accelerate the rate of genetic progress in sheep220
J.A. Sise and P.R. Amer 
Association of polymorphisms in candidate genes with carcass and taste panel assessed meat quality traits in a commercial population of Angus-sired beef cattle224
J.L. Gill, S.C. Bishop, C. McCorquodale, J.L. Williams and P. Wiener 
The effect of the inclusion of pedigree data on estimates of carrier status at the agouti locus in sheep228
J.M. Henshall, J. McNally and B.J. Norris 
Animal genomes
I have a draft genome for my species ... what now?232
Claire M. Wade 
SNP origin bias on population structure analysis: an Australian beef cattle case study239
L.R. Porto Neto and W. Barendse 
Population stratification, not genotype error, causes some SNPs to depart from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium243
Y.D. Zhang and B. Tier 
Genome structure in australian Holstein Friesian cattle revealed by combined analysis of three high density SNP panels247
M.S. Khatkar, B. Tier, M. Hobbs, D. Khatkar, J.A.L. Cavanagh, R. Crump, G. Moser and H. W. Raadsma 
A peculiarity of gene frequency estimation251
J.W. James, V.A. Whan and B.J. Norris 
Disease resistance
Interpretation and prediction in disease genetics255
S.C. Bishop 
Review of genetic parameters for disease resistance in sheep in New Zealand and Australia263
C.A. Morris 
Opportunities to breed for resistance to breech strike in Merino sheep in a Mediterranean environment272
J.C. Greeff and L.J.E. Karlsson 
Systems genetics analysis reveals gene modules and heritable biomarkers for sheep intestinal parasite resistance279
H.N. Kadarmideen, N. Andronicos and N.S. Watson-Haigh 
On the expression profile of candidate genes conferring resistance to gastro-intestinal nematodes in sheep283
Shivashankar H Nagaraj, Antonio Reverter, Moira Menzies, Nick Andronicos, and Aaron Ingham 
Biotechnology tools and challenges
Current status and future prospects for reproductive technologies in small ruminants287
W.M.C. Maxwell and G. Evans 
Quality Control For Ovine SNP50 Beadchip Genotypes296
K.G. Dodds, B. Auvray, N. Pickering and J.C. McEwan 
Building a deer SNP chip300
M.J. Bixley, J.F. Ward, R. Brauning, J.A. Archer and P.J. Fisher 
Summarization methods and quality problems in Affymetrix microarrays304
C. Gondro 
A new strategy to identify the disease causing mutation for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis in South Hamsphire sheep308
I.F. Mohd Ismail, J.A.L. Cavanagh, N.L. Mitchell, P.J. Houweling, D.N. Palmer and I. Tammen 
Sheep - Wool I
An integrated genomics approach to improving wool productivity and quality312
P. I. Hynd, C.S. Bawden, N.W. Rufaut, B.J. Norris, M. McDowall, A.J. Nixon, Z. Yu, A.J. Pearson, G.S. Nattrass, C. Gordon-Thompson, G.P. Moore, S.M. Dunn, N.M. Edwards, D.H. Smith and C.J. McLaughlan 
Weighted co-expression networks shed light on the molecular mechanism of action of metyrapone on wool follicle development322
N.S. Watson-Haigh, H.N. Kadarmideen, M. McDowall, G.S. Nattrass, H.A. McGrice and P.I. Hynd 
Genetic progress in the Australian Sheep Industry326
A.A. Swan, D.J. Brown and R.G. Banks 
Breeding plain-bodied fine wools - No problem!330
S. Hatcher, K.D. Atkins and K.J. Thornberry 
Heritability and phenotypic correlations for breech strike and breech strike resistance indicators in Merinos334
J.L. Smith, H.G. Brewer and T. Dyall 
The relationship between crutch cover score and production and easy care traits in Merino sheep338
D.H. Smith, E. Safari, F.D. Brien, K.S. Jaensch and R.J. Grimson 
Genetic improvement programs for Aquaculture species in developing countries: Prospects and challenges342
R.W. Ponzoni, N.H. Nguyen and H.L. Khaw 
Development of a breeding strategy for hybrid abalone350
M. G. Hamilton, P. D. Kube, N. G. Elliott, L. J. McPherson and A. Krsinich 
Assessment of the level of heterozyogosity in the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon (Salmon salar) population using single nucleotide polymorphim markers354
S. Dominik, J.M. Henshall, P.D. Kube, H. King, S. Lien, M. Kent and N.G. Elliott 
Heterosis, direct and maternal genetic effects on body traits in a complete diallel cross involving four strains of red Tilapia Oreochromis spp358
N.H. Nguyen, N. Pongthana and R.W. Ponzoni 
Development and early results of the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon breeding program362
N.G. Elliott and P.D. Kube 
Sheep - Wool II
Fibre production and sheep breeding in South America366
R.C. Cardellino and J.P. Mueller 
Effects on lifetime reproductive performance of phenoytpic selection for fleece weight, fibre diameter, body weight and related selection indexes374
L.R. Piper, A.A. Swan, and H.G. Brewer 
Variation in the lifetime reproductive performance of Merino ewes378
G.J. Lee, K.D. Atkins and M.A. Sladek 
Genetic parameters for lifetime reproductive performance of Merino ewes382
G.J. Lee, K.D. Atkins and M.A. Sladek 
Levels of post-weaning loss in the Trangie D-flock (1975-83)386
C.E. Pope and K.D. Atkins 
Genetic variation in clean wool colour in fine wool Merinos390
J.L. Smith and I.W. Purvis 
Statistical methods I
Mixed models in animal breeding: where to now394
A.R. Gilmour 
Latent mixed models398
Robin Thompson 
Statistical genetics to improve robustness of dairy cows406
R.F. Veerkamp, H.A. Mulder, M.P.L. Calus, J.J. Windig, and J. ten Napel 
Sheep - Meat
Meat sheep breeding - where we are at and future challenges414
N.M. Fogarty 
Rates of Genetic Gain in New Zealand Sheep422
M.J. Young and P.R. Amer 
The Information Nucleus - Genetically Improving Australian Lamb Production426
S.I. Mortimer, K.L. Pearce, R.H. Jacobs, D.L. Hopkins, R.D. Warner, G.H. Geesink, J.E. Hocking Edwards, D.W. Pethick, L.H.J. van der Werf and A.J. Ball 
Economic evaluation of whole genome selection using meat sheep as a case study430
R.G. Banks and J.H.J. van der Werf 
Progress in the development of breeding schemes for the Irish sheep industry: the maternal lamb producer groups434
T.J. Byrne, P.R. Amer, P.F. Fennessy, R.M. Rohloff, A. Cromie, P. Donnellan, G. Potterton, J.P. Hanrahan, and B. Wickham 
Statistical Methods II
Cheverud revisited: Scope for joint modelling of genetic and environmental covariance matrices438
Karin Meyer and Mark Kirkpatrick 
Factor-analytic models to reduce computational requirements in international genetic evaluation for beef cattle442
Karin Meyer 
Application of random regression techniques to dissect age-dependent quantitative trait loci for growth in lambs446
G. Hadjipavlou and S.C. Bishop 
Comparison of genetic parameters obtained from an ordinal canine hip phenotype data set by linear and ordinal analyses450
B.J. Wilson, F.W. Nicholas, J.W. James and P.C. Thomson 
A framework to link whole genome SNP association studies to systems genetics454
S.J. Goodswen, H.N. Kadarmideen, C. Gondro and J.H.J. van der Werf 
Statistical considerations in the analysis of gene expression data from heterogeneous sources458
P.C. Thomson, M. Singh and H.W. Raadsma 
Thirty years of AAABG462
Ian Franklin 
Association of microsatellite markers and NRAMP1 gene with bovine tuberculosis traits in Zebu cattle468
A. Ali, H.N. Kadarmideen, P. C. Thomson, C. Flury, B. Müller and J. Zinsstag 
The role of animal genetic improvement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from beef cattle472
P.F. Arthur, K.A. Donoghue, R.M. Herd and R.S. Hegarty 
Benefits of genetic superiority in residual feed intake in a large commercial feedlot476
R.M. Herd, S. Piper, J.M. Thompson, P.F. Arthur, B. McCorkell and K.C.P. Dibley 
Meta-analysis of cross-bred progeny data for Australian terminal sire sheep480
R.G. Banks, D.J. Brown and S.R. Field 
Evaluation of the Angus BREEDPLAN IMF% EBV in 100d-fed Angus x Hereford steer progeny484
S.A. Barwick, D.J. Johnston, M.L. Wolcott, J.F. Wilkins and W.A. McKiernan 
Genetic parameters for feather weights of breeding ostriches488
Z. Brand and S.W.P. Cloete 
Genetics of lamb survival: a study of Merino resource flocks in South Australia492
F.D. Brien, M.L. Hebart, K.S. Jaensch, D.H. Smith and R.J. Grimson 
Meat quality in Merino ram hoggets496
S.F. Walkom, F.D. Brien, M.L. Hebart, J.C. Greeff, D.L. Hopkins and W.S. Pitchford 
Genetics of wool colour in the South Australian selection demonstration flocks500
M.L. Hebart and F.D. Brien 
Variation in sow health affects the information provided by lactation feed intake data504
K.L. Bunter, C.R.G. Lewis and B.G. Luxford  
Complexities and strategies to identify the causative mutation responsible for single locus inherited diseases in livestock.508
J.A.L. Cavanagh, I. Tammen and H.W. Raadsma. 
IGF-1 genotypes affect growth not tenderness in cattle512
Lei Yao Chang, W.S. Pitchford and C.D.K. Bottema 
Is methane production likely to be a future Merino selection criterion?516
D.J. Cottle, J.H.J. van der Werf and R.G. Banks 
Polymorphisms detected in the tyrosinase and matp (slc45a2) genes did not explain coat colour dilution in a sample of Alpaca (Vicugna pacos)520
R. Cransberg and K.A. Munyard 
QTL analyses of beef muscle fibre type524
N.G. Cullen, C.A. Morris, P.M. Dobbie, D.L. Hyndman and B.C. Thomson 
Leptin gene polymorphisms had no effects on open days and calving interval528
H. Yazdani, H.R. Rahmani, M.A. Edris and E. Dirandeh 
Potential to double the number of cattle tested for residual feed intake532
K.A. Donoghue, P.F. Arthur and R.M. Herd 
Fat distribution in Angus steers is related to residual feed intake estimated breeding value536
A.R. Egarr. W.S. Pitchford. M.J. Bottema. R.M. Herd. J.P. Siddell. J.M. Thompson and C.D.K. Bottema 
Characterization of a human performance gene in the horse540
N.A. Ellis, P.C. Thomson, R.R. Coomer, A.J. Forhead, M.J. Head, I. Tammen and H.W. Raadsma 
Targeted mapping of QTL on chromosomes 1 and 3 for parasite resistance in sheep544
N.A. Ellis, S.A. Keyis, K.J. Fullard, D. Townley, D. Khatkar, G. Attard, K. Beh, D. Piedrafita and H.W. Raadsma 
Estimating heritability of subjectively assessed ostrich leather quality traits using threshold models548
A. Engelbrecht, S.W.P. Cloete, K.L. Bunter and J.B. van Wyk 
Identification of a potential marker for absence of dark fibre in Vicugna pacos (Alpaca)552
Natasha L. Feeley and Kylie A. Munyard 
Association of fibre diameter with wool colour in a South Australian selection flock556
M.R. Fleet, K.R. Millington, D.H. Smith and R.J. Grimson 
A new system for collecting and processing phenotypic and genetic information from sheep for improved selection tools560
K.G. Geenty, J.H.J. van der Werf, K.P. Gore, A.J. Ball and S. Gill 
Effect of the accuracy of an estimated QTL effect on response to Marker-Assisted Selection564
N. Moghaddar and J.H.J. van der Werf 
A comparison of methods for genomic selection in Austrian dual purpose Simmental cattle568
B. Gredler, K.G. Nirea, T.R. Solberg, C. Egger-Danner, T. Meuwissen and J. Soelkner 
Identification of sex specific DNA regions in the snake genome using a subtractive hybridization technique572
R.P. Harris, D.M. Groth, J. Ledger and C.Y. Lee 
Merino ewes divergently selected for calm temperament have a greater concentration of immunoglobulin G in their colostrum than nervous ewes576
K.W. Hart, C. Contou , M. Blackberry and D. Blache 
Survival of adult sheep is driven by longevity genes580
S. Hatcher, K.D. Atkins and K.J. Thornberry 
Genetic association of net feed intake measured at two stages with insulin-like Growth Factor-I, growth and ultrasound scanned traits in Angus cattle584
M.G. Jeyaruban, D.J. Johnston and H.-U. Graser 
Predicting energy balance in growing wethers and estimation of heritability for derived parameters588
E. Jonas, P.C. Thomson, K.J. Fullard, C.A. Cavanagh and H.W. Raadsma 
Predicting energy balance in lactating ewes as a basis for QTL analysis592
E. Jonas, P.C. Thomson, K.J. Fullard, D. McGill and H.W. Raadsma 
A comparison between sheep bred for worm resistance and unselected controls when exposed to low larval challenge during summer596
K.E. Kemper, J.W.A. Larsen, S.C. Bishop, N. Anderson, M.E. Goddard, J.C. Greeff, R. Woodgate and L.J.E. Karlsson 
Breeder perspectives on fat and female management600
S.J. Lee, I.K. Nuberg and W.S. Pitchford. 
Some consequences of selection for residual feed intake in beef cattle604
D.S. Lines, M.L. Wolcott, W.S. Pitchford, C.D.K. Bottema, R.M. Herd and V.H. Oddy 
Survival analyses for length of productive life of Angus cows608
Karin Meyer 
Imputation of missing genotypes in high density SNP data612
G. Moser, M.S. Khatkar and H.W. Raadsma 
Preliminary results on the comparative performance of Holstein and Fleckvieh x Holstein dairy cows616
C.J.C. Muller, J.A. Botha, S.W.P. Cloete and J.P Potgieter 
Isolation and characterisation of alpaca tetranucleotide microsatellite markers620
K.A. Munyard, J.M. Ledger, C.Y. Lee, C. Babra and D.M. Groth 
A decade of Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL)624
S-A.N. Newman, J.C. McMcEwan and M.J. Young 
Mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for muscularity in beef cattle628
I. Novianti, W.S. Pitchford and C.D.K. Bottema 
Genetic relationships among lamb survival, birth coat score, birth weight and 42-day body weight in a South African fine wool Merino stud632
W.J. Olivier, S.W.P. Cloete and A.C. Greyling 
Sheep selected for resistance to facial eczema disease also show higher tolerance to acetaminophen challenge636
S.H. Phua, P. Johnstone, H. Henry, A. Findlay and C.A. Morris 
Mapping QTL for early growth and maternal performance in sheep640
H.W. Raadsma, E. Jonas, K.R. Zenger, C.A. Cavanagh, M.K. Lam and P.C. Thomson 
Improving the accuracy of selecting animals for reduced methane emissions644
D.L. Robinson 
Heritability of plasma concentrations of IGF-1 and its correlation with reproductive performance in Holstein cows in Victorian herds648
T.E. Stirling, C.R. Stockdale and K.L. Macmillan 
Bioethics and DNA diagnostics in animals - are there lessons to be learned from genetic testing in humans?652
I. Tammen and H.W. Raadsma 
QTL analysis of beef fat colour and the effect of BCDO2656
R. Tian, W.S. Pitchford and C.D.K. Bottema 
Genotype x Environment Interactions identified in Southern Australian Beef Production660
S.L. Truran. M.P.B. Deland. M.L. Hebart. A.P. Verbyla and W.S. Pitchford. 
QTL mapping in multiple families using logistic regression664
Y.D. Zhang and B. Tier 
Cattle residual feed intake candidate genes668
N.A. Zulkifli M. Naik W.S. Pitchford C.D.K. Bottema